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Interesting antibiotics facts

The invention of antibiotics can be called a revolution in medicine. Many diseases, tormented humanity for centuries and carrying the death, have become commonplace, as the common cold. However, soon after the emergence of new powerful drugs, a lot of diseases became quite treatable.

The facts about antibiotics:
- Although the term “antibiotic” is often used to refer to all antimicrobial agents, antibiotics are the true agents formed by microorganisms or derived semi-synthetic methods.

- Antibiotics can’t cure the virus and some other infectious diseases. For example, SARS and influenza caused by viruses, which antibiotics can’t overcome, they are simply not designed for this purpose. These infections are treated with immunomodulators, interferons and antiviral medications (rimantadine, acyclovir). If your doctor has prescribed to buy antibiotics for treatment of such diseases, it means he wants to prevent possible bacterial complications.

- Choosing the right drug helps identify the microbe, and to study its sensitivity to antibiotics, but it is not always possible. Even if you know the pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics, you need to find a drug that reaches the site of microbe localization in the body.

Order antibiotics with full responsibility, take them to their prescription, and under the supervision of a physician, then you successfully defeat the disease and avoid complications and side effects.


Flagyl is a medication used for parasitic infections, including Giardia infections of the small intestine, amebic liver abscesses...


Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic medication used to treat and prevent urinary tract infections, especially those caused by...


Cephalexin is a medication used for the treatment of different kinds of infections, such as infections of the ear, tonsils and throat..


Clindamycin can be effective for treating a wide range of infections, including lung infections, skin infections, blood infections, internal organ infections and vaginal infections.


Diflucan is employed to deal with infections prompted by fungus, which can invade any portion of the human body like the throat, mouth, esophagus..

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